Voice of The Community

The Relief Work project begins on the grass roots level, by dispatching local community consultants whose primary job is to hear the voice of the community, and to assess its unique condition. After evaluating the various conditions and challenges of each community, we will initiate a community-wide program that will benefit each in overcoming its particular challenges (in both high and low-income communities). We are all a part of the great web of humanity, and of our local community!

Coming Together for the Better

One of the great problems in many states is that there is a great disparity (or disconnect) between high-income communities, and between low-income communities. This division prevents meaningful and innovative opportunities to eliminate discrimination, remove hostile relationships, and introduce creative solutions to a common enemy of all communities (which prevents the true quest for life, liberty and the obtaining of true and lasting happiness).

Although all communities (high or low-income) have challenges, each community is different. The Relief Work Team has researched the success and failure of many different community focused organizations. We have found that one of the most common factors of a successful program is to always “check the pulse” of the community before you begin to implement a solution. Any efficient health care professional would agree that no matter what the plan of care for a patient is, you will never have successful results without first assessing their current (baseline) vital signs. The same is true for the community. This is why our work starts by first listening to you – to hear “the voice of the community”!

Voice of the community: You Speak, We listen!

What you think is important! We believe that one of the problems in every community is that each resident does not have the opportunity to voice their ideas or concerns. By taking the time to speak and listen to the voice of the community we can effectively “check the pulse”, then formulate a plan to help us find real and meaningful results. You can help be a part of the solution to your community’s challenges, by taking the time to speak to us – we want to hear from you! You may begin by addressing three simple questions. Your voice will be heard! Leave your response, and let’s begin to improve our communities today!


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