The Story Behind the Books

The Relief Work project or “Project Relief” is a special community fundraiser designed not only to raise financial assistance, but also to make this world a better place—one community at a time!

1. It Always Starts with One

The story behind The Relief Work, and in particular “Project Relief,” is quite interesting! It started with an intense desire and an inspired dream; a desire to help, and then a dream of how to help. One Christian woman, inspired with a vision of how to relieve the world and to restore the community (one home at a time), was impressed with a wonderfully inspired idea. She had already authored many books for the benefit of helping and solving the various problems of humanity, and she had been very instrumental in setting up educational and natural health facilities around the world.

2. Light Shining Through the Darkness

She herself had terrible problems and challenges in her childhood (with both health and education). She then was impressed to take two of the greatest books that she had written which outlined the philosophy of how to solve (in a simple way) the challenges in our communities and among humanity — and teach how to live. This was for the purpose of securing the best in this life, and in the life to come.

3. Humble Messenger of Relief

Instead of taking the royalties of these books to live a luxurious life, all of the profits of the books were donated by the author to be used for educational and fundraising purposes. Her donations were also used to relieve practical problems in every community. The author, although famous and world renown (one of the most translated women writers in the world), was not seeking to be known by this project. She only wanted to be known as a messenger of relief. She asked that these two books be treated like none of her other books, but to be used solely for the work of relieving our world of the burdens of disease and the heartaches of life; and, to solve the problems that cause so many to be robbed of life, hope, happiness and eternal life.

4. Books in the “How to Live” series

The two books in this “How to Live” series are entitled:

1) Wisdom of the Great Physician, and 2) The Greatest Lessons of Life.

Read for yourself, and find the secrets to health and the solution to various challenges of life.

The Relief -Fund Allocation-

The funds raised from “Project Relief” will be used to improve conditions in each community by the establishment of health retreats and community relief centers to aid in solving the challenges that confront all people in all communities (rich and poor; of all nationalities, religions and backgrounds). To provide a place where all can come and learn from “The Author of Life” —A simple program on how to live, and how to experience heaven on earth! Order Now » and understand more about the goal of The Relief Work!


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