Our Vision

With the funds that are raised for The Relief Work, it is our vision to:

1. Provide Education and Training

Educate and train a team of qualified and dedicated helpers, who will then train the community in healthful living.

2. Promote Optimum Quality of Life

Educate the community on better ways of living through:

  • The use of practical workshops/seminars on healthy living, teaching methods for reversing diseases naturally (like obesity; high blood pressure; heart failure; stroke; diabetes; common aches and pains; and much more.)
  • The art of healthful cooking/food preparation with healthy cooking classes; raw food preparation; natural remedies; and much, much more.

3. Institute Relief-based Programs

Establish Relief Health Retreats (RHR) and Community Relief Centers (CRC).

  • Relief Health Retreats: A place of natural healing, in the setting of a country home: this environment, rather than the stress filled hospitals that (although useful in many ways) cannot best assist special cases in the community to overcome health challenges and other stressful problems of daily life. These health retreats will assist guest in reversing disease by using natural methods in place of drug medication.
  • Community Relief Centers: Places in the community where trained helpers have been taught the philosophy contained in the “How to Live” series, and are employed in studying the unique problems of each community. They will be deployed throughout each area to help those interested in solving the problems of life – that they might not only “pursue” but truly experience “LIFE, LIBERTY AND TRUE HAPPINESS”: in short, that they might experience a little heaven on earth. These community centers would be dedicated to educating the community on how to live healthfully; learning how to reverse disease naturally, inexpensively, and without drug medication.

4. Offer Financial Assistance

Establish a fund for the community, which would assist in servicing health guests who (as a result of financial limitations) would not be able to receive assistance in health care.

5. Implement Autonomous Food Systems

Build organic gardens for the community, and develop much needed CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) – which can help in providing local, healthy, and inexpensive produce. There are many CSA’s around the nation, and there are several websites that share the countless benefits of establishing one in your community. Learn more »

Make the World A Better Place

What community, who is thoughtful and committed to making this world a better place, would NOT be interested in such a program? Not one! Consider joining The Relief Work project today, as we partner to relieve the world and restore the community – one home at a time! To see this plan at a glance, click here.

Anyone who has carefully studied the major conditions of today’s society can see why we are moving forward in faith! The great needs of our communities cry out from every state in America; and indeed, from every country of the world. You can help us bring the solution to every community’s challenge, by purchasing the “How to Live” series. With your purchase, you are allowing yourself and your community to take one step closer in learning (and sharing) how to have life, and have it more abundantly (John 10:10)! Experience true relief from the stressors of life: Buy Now »


“Project Relief” can help to solve the health and social challenges we face in our community . . .
Learn more about how you can help to make this vision a reality in your community »

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