Our Mission

By recognizing the specific and challenging conditions that threaten our world (physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, economically; and otherwise), our mission is to provide relief – one community at a time! One of the first and major challenges that The Relief Work is focused on is the reversal of disease, by using natural methods. As we move forward to accomplish this mission, The Relief Work aims to:

  • Organize and deploy teams that are specifically trained, to asses and evaluate each community (thus obtaining the present conditions and needs of the area).
  • Develop ideas and programs specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each community.
  • Implement programs to address the critical and urgent social and health needs of the community.
  • Establish community support, in an effort to improve the conditions of life and health of our communities.
  • Equip and educate local residents in regard to their role in the prevention and improvement of their health, and in the health of the family and the community.

Research Shows The World in Distress

Note: This nation –and the entire world– is in distress, and in need of relief! Recent research indicates that all of the U.S. is suffering under the burden of sickness and disease [source #1; source #2]. Much of which could be easily prevented (or simply reversed) if people were taught nature’s simple plan of relief. The highlighted studies provide statistics of how these common health challenges negatively affect the community and its productivity (economically and socially).

An interesting fact that has been brought to view in most recent nationwide studies is that of all the states that are suffering, the Southern states are suffering the most [source #3].

It is also interesting that the statistics show that while many health challenges are present in low-income communities, that wealthier communities are not immune to these health challenges. The statistics strikingly reveal that the standard of living and productivity in high-income neighborhoods are also severely challenged, and negatively impacted by unhealthy lifestyle practices [source #4].

Research shows repeatedly that the greater the economic gaps in communities, the greater the health risk and challenges. [source #5]


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