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Through the diverse programs developed by The Relief Work, it is our desire to turn the unique concerns of a community into eliminated health and social challenges; by using simple, practical solutions! We are interested to hear more about your specialty products/services, available to assist with solving these challenges. By making a decision to partner together we will conceive and shape new health initiatives.

1. Leading Initiative Support

The Relief Work Team will lead out in community fundraising activities, to acquire the financial support needed to implement these initiatives. A partnership together will:

  • Rapidly identify community challenges, design responses, and implement solutions.
  • Bring the community into direct contact with local businesses and organizations (as well as ministries), that will provide much needed services and solutions.
  • Provide a reasonable way for philanthropist to see the results of their investments in the local communities.
  • Provide a mechanism for commercial sponsors and community supporters to lead out in long-lasting and far-reaching improvements of health for the local communities (in which they belong to and are a part of).
  • Find new ways to attack health problems; as traditional approaches become less and less effective, therefore losing public support and funding.
  • Produce community health programs that will serve as “models” to be replicated nationally and globally.

2. How Can I Get Involved?

There are three entry levels which allow anyone (or organization) in the community to get involved. Consider what place you fit in, and partner with us to relieve our communities of the challenges that confront us in today’s society!

  1. Advisory Relief Team: This level allows companies (or individuals) to share their concerns and comments on both community challenges and the creative solutions for the community.
  2. Sponsorship Relief Team: This level allows for individuals, philanthropists, and companies to share their money, products, services and ideas  for the benefit of the community!
  3. Volunteer Relief Team: This level is for individuals/companies who want to take direct action in helping their communities. This is for those who are saying, “I want to get involved. Please give me an opportunity to help in one of your community projects!” If this is your desire, please include your (or the organization’s) information in the place provided below. We will keep you updated on what we are doing, and how you may help directly!

3. Become Part of the Global Team

As you consider partnering with The Relief Work Team, we would be happy to hear about your specialty products and services, which would be beneficial in solving community challenges. By making a decision to partner together, we will conceive and shape new health initiatives. Take a look at our privacy policy and confidently

Thank you for your interest in joining The Relief Work. Someone from The Relief Team will follow-up with you/your company. May God bless you, as we partner to relieve the world – one community at a time!

4. Innovating Flexibility

As government dollars shrink, community dollars are needed more than ever to continue the pace of innovation. While government agencies may value innovation, the government is not traditionally positioned to develop and implement innovative ideas. This is not because the agencies don’t desire to help. Rather, it is because many government regulations and policies (theoretically designed to regulate and protect its citizens) remove the flexible structures which are necessary in solving the unique and complex problems of our communities.

The Relief Work sponsor/advisory program will provide an opportunity for these restricted agencies to become flexible in solving the problems of their local community; by sharing their advice, ideas, and resources with a ministry that allows for greater action.

Working Together for the Better

If our communities are truly going to (strategically) eliminate the many challenges that exist in society, we must get involved to create a social environment that supports them in making better and healthier life choices. We –policymakers, community and faith based organizations, businesses, and citizens– must all work together to make this possible!


Our shared goal:
To live better, happier, healthier, more abundant lives — under the blessings of God!

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