The Relief Work: At A Glance

The Relief Work is a faith-based, missionary movement focused on improving the physical, mental, spiritual, social and economic conditions in local communities and around the world.

In reviewing the life of Christ, we see Him coming to this earth to carry out the greatest work ever accomplished among men. He came as God’s ambassador to show us how to live, that we may secure life’s best results. It is our humble desire that all humanity may be presented this plan of living. Christ’s work in behalf of man is not finished—it continues today. By an unselfish interest in those who need help, His ambassadors are to give a practical demonstration of the truth of the gospel. The Relief Work launched the “How to Live” series in 2015. This two-book set includes The Wisdom of the Great Physician and The Greatest Lessons of Life, and holds within its pages the blueprint for building a little heaven on earth.

1. Simple Solutions to Countless Challenges

In today’s society there are countless challenges that confront us. It is our goal to introduce the simple solutions to the struggles of everyday life; challenges in marriage and raising children, finances, education and lifework. Those who join in this work will find wisdom from God – providing ultimate peace, contentment, and a stress-free life. The “How to Live” series will be distributed to homes, businesses, churches, and civic organizations through a fundraising campaign entitled Project Relief; whereby means will be gathered to implement programs to benefit local communities.

2. True Education for a More Excellent Way

Funds raised will assist in the establishment of Health Retreats, where the sick may learn Biblical principles for reversing disease naturally. Farms will be developed to serve local communities, and will demonstrate how individuals and families may be pointed back to God’s original plan for man in the work of agriculture. The unemployed will be educated in lines of useful work that will lead to a self-supporting life. Young and old will reap the benefits of practical training schools, where instruction provided from The Relief Work will be implemented in the life of the citizens in the community. Assistance will be provided to those requiring a helping hand in relieving their necessities. As a result, a great awakening in Missionary service will quickly multiply, reaching countless souls in desperate need of a more excellent way.

3. More than Just Talk – We must get involved!

It is not talk, neither is it a profession or claim to piety and godliness that are of value with God. It is the work of righteousness that reveals a Christlike character. To obey the law of God means to be quick to see the necessities of our fellow beings, and quick to help them without stopping to inquire, “Do they believe the same doctrines that I believe?” To obey God’s law means to act as God’s helping hand in relieving the necessities of suffering humanity; no matter the religious beliefs of those in need. Those who do this work, and who are loyal to the principles of God’s truth, are living the gospel. All around us are afflicted souls; here and there, everywhere, we may find them. Let us search out these suffering ones and speak a word in season to comfort their hearts. Let us ever be channels through which shall flow the refreshing waters of compassion.

Join Us in The Relief Work Today

Partnering in The Relief Work will go far beyond the benefits you receive personally. An impact will be seen in the lives of family members, neighbors, colleagues and fellow citizens. We simply invite you to share in this work by reading the books and implementing these philosophies. Then, purchase other books to be distributed in your local area. It is our goal, with you as a partner in this endeavor, to bring relief to the world – one community at a time! This is The Relief Work!

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