Ethiopia declares state of emergency after months of protests

Oct 11, 2016 | Archives, Globally

The Ethiopian government on Sunday declared a six-month nationwide state of emergency following months of anti-government protests.

It is the first time since the ruling party came to power 25 years ago that a state of emergency has been put in place in Ethiopia.

The country’s prime minister said via state media that the steps were taken to restore order following escalating protests around the country.

Among those protesting are Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group, the Oromos, who make up at least a third of the country’s 100 million people.

Protests have raged in the country since at least 52 people died on October 2 during the Oromo holy festival known as Irreechaa.

Activists in Ethiopia disputed the government’s accounts and the official death toll of 52. They say security forces fired bullets and tear gas on the crowd and that more than 500 people died…

[Full Article – 10/11/16]

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