Frustration With Congress and the Elections

Jan 1, 2016 | Archives, Politically

Fundamentally, all voting-eligible Americans had the opportunity to vote for Congress in this election [2014], meaning that every American, in theory, had the opportunity to express his or her displeasure with government at the ballot box. The significant majority of Americans did not express their displeasure in this way. It’s hard to arrive at any conclusion other than that the American public, in general, did not avail themselves in any unusual way of the chance to manifest their intense displeasure with the government by getting out to vote. They did the opposite and stayed home in apparent record numbers…

This provides us with another underscoring of Fenno’s Paradox. Whereas Americans are highly dissatisfied with the body of Congress as a whole, they showed absolutely no unusual propensity to try to change things by voting out their local and state-level federal representatives who were seeking re-election.

[FULL Article – 2014]


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